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We are B Squared

New York is a city of opportunity. From established industry players to up-and-comers looking to make a name for themselves, one thing is true: they all need the right tools to seize the opportunities in front of them.

B Squared exists to serve the marketers, the buyers, the late-night hustlers, and the early morning risers by helping them communicate to grow their businesses at any time of day. We help through printing business cards, presentation posters, and any large format or digital image conceivable. We believe in the power of print, the longevity of paper, and the craftsmanship that brings it all to life.

Meet Our Team

B Squared’s committment to deliverability of quality product is achieved through our team members’ skills and guile. These B Squares are cool customers in the face of adversity and we’re proud of all that they accomplish on behalf of our clients.

Arfaz Ali

Tim Boucher

Lori Camirand-Kelly

Princess Campbell

John DiSomma

Kristian Dorado

Grace Lindo

Steve Milillo

Jennifer Mori

Carl Porter

Crystal Rodriguez

Michael Scully

Jennifer Serrano

Jamison Shaw

Tina Shields

Vance Steinbergen

Mark Stoffers

Fidel Trinidad-Aquillon

Lauren Vergara

Damian Zafra

Rob Rindler

Dave Varela