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Olympics Preview: Rio 2016 – Let the Games Begin!

August 3, 2016

As the Olympic athletes get settled into the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and have their final workouts before the Opening Ceremony, this Friday, August 5th, we at B Squared would like to extend our best wishes for a successful and safe Olympic Games for all teams this summer. While we’re rooting for our American patriots, we wish the best for all athletes and fans from around the world. For a preview of the Rio Olympic Games, check this out.

And, don’t forget to take advantage of our summer promotions – more details below. Go USA!


Summer Promotions Are Here!!

July 27, 2016

It’s hot out there and we’re pleased to cool you off with a couple of summer promotions.

The first is a 20% off discount on your first job by mentioning promo code SUMMER BASEBALL when you speak with one of our account managers.

The second is a referral promotion, whereby mentioning #baseball you will be entered to win TWO tickets to a Yankees or Mets game when you refer us to a colleague or friend and they complete their first job with us. We’re big baseball fans, can you tell?

For more information, please contact us at (212) 777-2044 or at, or inquire with your account manager. Hit a HOMERUN with B Squared today!

B Squared Supports Our Troops

July 22, 2016

With the joys of summer, let us never forget the men and women who fight for our country at home and abroad. B Squared supports our American troops and will be running this radio advertisement on major radio stations over the next several months to share our gratitude for all of their hard work and sacrifices. God Bless America.


You Asked For It! You Got It! B Squared is Your Promo Item Headquarters!  

July 20, 2016


While our company was founded on the business of digital printing and graphic design, we’ve become a “one-stop-shop” for many of our clients, which we absolutely love. We find that THEY find it so much easier to work with us as their main vendor to handle all printing and design work, but also everything else related to branding and marketing – like promotional items.

So, we heard their request and created our very own online promotional shop! It’s called and it contains anything and everything you can imagine that you’d want to put your logo on.


What’s The Difference Between FSC Certified Paper and Recycled Paper?

July 7, 2016

We’ve often been asked about what FSC Certified paper versus recycled paper is, so here are a few key points on the topic:


FSC stands for “Forest Stewardship Council.” They are a third party certification organization that assess those who manage the care of forests. (more…)

Check out B Squared’s Latest Newsletter

July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday, America! Check out our latest newsletter here.

A One-Stop-Shop: We Do It All…Well, Sort of…

June 21, 2016

“So, what is it you said you did again Sonny?” Most grandparents and some parents have said this exact phrase to their grandkids or kids when they first start out in the “real world.” And then, even with an in-depth explanation of your field or job duties, they would still be in the dark…but they would nod and smile as if they completely understood.


Check Out B Squared’s Latest Newsletter

June 20, 2016

Have you heard about our Cinderella Stands yet? More in our latest newsletter. Check it out here


The Signs Always Fit “Just Right” With B Squared’s Cinderella Stands

June 16, 2016

What do you get when cross our expertise as a large-format printer with an important client who asks us to brainstorm a “sleeker” way to display signage at an upcoming black-tie affair? We call it the “Cinderella Stand.”

Our creative team at B Squared has invented a way to support your large-format signage and make them appear as if they’re floating, by using a Cinderella Stand. The two-piece Cinderella Stands are made out of a long-lasting, plexi-glass material that really upgrade the stand base from ones typically used for large-format signage. No longer will your guests be tripping around your tradeshow booth signs or cocktail party sponsor signage. They can also be used for golf outing tee signs, investor meeting agendas and directional signage, or to support winning bid signage at charity auctions.

Now, your events and marketing teams can work with us to customize signage “feet” that can be nearly completely hidden – or etched and branded with your logo – whatever suits the needs of your company or client. Cinderella Stands can be used on any flat surface (floor or table top) inside and out. They’re easy to use and most are small enough to carry in your briefcase or carryon luggage.

Make a lasting impression on your event attendees, save yourself the headache of dealing with signs that don’t stand up to your expectations and stop wasting money on sign solutions that don’t last. Use our Cinderella Signs. They’ll fit your signs “just right.” Contact us today (at 212.777.2044 or at for more information on our Cinderella Stands and we’ll get started right away. Did we mention we can help with the signage too? Check it out here.

Printing Impressions Calls B Squared the Printer that Stays Up All Night in the City That Never Sleeps

June 7, 2016

Last week, B Squared was honored to be profiled by one of the most widely read trade publications in the printing industry, Printing Impressions. This week, we’d like to share with our blog readers a few excerpts from the article – a Cliff’s Notes version, if you will.