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Why Work When You Can CoWork?: A Fun Glimpse Inside The Ever-Expanding CoWorking, Communal Office Space Market

March 18, 2016

When entrepreneurs want to cultivate an environment of creativity, networking and…I’ll say it…fun, they often intentionally avoid the big city rent bills and land in a coworking, communal office space, which have become quite trendy over the last few years in cities like New York, San Francisco, Boston and London. Going to work for a startup or small business has never been so much fun. And each one has a bit of a different personality! 


Go Ahead…Wait until the last minute if you must. We’ve got your back when it comes to RUSH jobs

March 14, 2016

“Never wait until the last minute,” your mother used to say. Or, “why is everything such a last minute rush? Can’t you learn how to plan better?” (I can hear mine, with her nagging voice, now). Who doesn’t remember doing their homework at 3 am the night before it was due; or pulling your last suit out of the closet for your big interview only to find a big stain on the jacket; or, what we at B Squared see often, making changes to your presentation just a few hours before your big meeting with investors who might invest in your company?


Large-Format Printing: From Step & Repeats to Trade Shows (and Everything in Between). Size DEFINITELY Matters!

March 8, 2016

Large-format printing is exactly what it sounds like. LARGE printed materials that our clients use to promote their message at meetings, events, conferences, in their offices and at trade shows, just to name a few! Sometimes known as “Grand Formatting” – for the super large stuff, B Squared has years of experience working with our clients to design and install large-format printing solutions that are unique, but also portable and easy to move. Step & Repeats and Trade Show Signage and Booth Displays are just a few examples. Here’s more on those…


Designing for Print and the Importance of Brand Consistency: Old Hat for Some, New Concept for Others, Critical for ALL!

February 26, 2016

For many of our clients at B Squared, printing and design have been a part of their normal marketing repertoire for years and we’ve had the honor of partnering with them. They need items printed, which we help them with, and we expertly design those items specifically FOR PRINT. (Who wants a design that is completely unrealistic or impossible to print, right?) We’re a one-stop-shop and we’re here to help our clients refine their design and reinforce their brand with each project we tackle so they’re able to stay ahead of their competition. We become an extension of our clients’ in-house marketing team, if you will. [Here are a few cool examples of how we’ve thought outside of the box to enhance a design or brand — and in some cases, complimented our work with other elements (like food, stuffed animals and other goodies…yes, seriously!).]


We’re Open 24/7…You Know, like Diners…but Without the Food

February 19, 2016

There are thousands of printing services online in a big city like New York, but there’s only one like B Squared. What makes us different from Staples or FedEx/Kinkos or any other print shop in the City — aside from the fact that our logo is way cooler? When you work with us, you’re not just another client – you become part of the B Squared ecosystem. For individuals, we become your creative partner and digital print house. For companies, we become an extension of your marketing, events management and communications teams. For some clients, we offer online printing services through a custom portal. So, when staff members need a new supply of business cards or printed sales materials, all they have to do is login, receive the necessary approvals and…poof…their items become part of our cue and they land on their desk soon after. We’ve found an online printing service solution to be efficient and particularly valuable in maintaining branding consistency (e.g. everyone in the company has the same business card style, font, card stock, etc.)


NYC Fashion Week Changes Lives…or Ruins Them. And you might even run into Ralph Lauren!

February 10, 2016

It’s that time of the year again, folks, where in New York City, particularly around Lincoln Center and the Garment District, models are strutting their stuff down the sidewalk (Hello!! You’re not on the damn runway yet, so please practice in your hotel!) and fancy looking people are getting out of their fancy looking cars, to go see some fancy runway show. It’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! Say it with me in the most snooty accent you can muster up. “It’s ma-ce-dez-benz faaash-unne weeeek.” At B Squared, even our account reps wear stiletto heels to work each day to commemorate the big week. Umm…no people. This is snowy New York and…ouch.