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Theme Packaging

Custom Themed Mailings & Mailers

You have a great product that you are proud of. But you want to push the customer experience over the top and give them a moment they will never forget. That is where themed mailings come in. A themed mailing is an opportunity to deliver your product in an unforgettable way. The most successful brands incorporate their brand identity into every aspect of the customer experience, including packaging and delivery. By creating this kind of experience, you can convert a customer into a true fan.


Custom Solutions

Any solution should be specific to your organization and brand identity. A custom themed mailing will let them know that you put on the finishing touches. We can customize your themed mailing in a number of different ways to make sure it has the perfect look and feel, including the color and texture of your packaging.

Our team of experts will work around the clock to help you come up with a solution that is absolutely perfect for your brand. A custom themed mailing is an opportunity to showcase what your brand is all about. Our team will meet with you to make sure we have an understanding of your core brand values, the message you are trying to communicate, and your vision. We take our responsibility as caretakers of your brand very seriously and we always uphold our commitment to provide materials, design, and services that are of the highest quality.


Comprehensive Service

B Squared is a one-stop shop that can help you with any step of your project. If you are just starting out and need help developing a vision, our design experts will help you develop a design. If you have already developed a design and need assistance with sourcing, production, stuffing, fulfillment, or distribution, we assist with those as well.

We have worked on projects of all different sizes and levels of complexity. Whether you need elaborate boxes to deliver your premium product or relatively simple themed mailers for a card or small object, we can help. B Squared has assisted clients from not only New York but from all over the world. And with 24/7 service, we can help you hit your deadline no matter what. Contact us to start your project today.