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A One-Stop-Shop: We Do It All…Well, Sort of…

June 21, 2016

“So, what is it you said you did again Sonny?” Most grandparents and some parents have said this exact phrase to their grandkids or kids when they first start out in the “real world.” And then, even with an in-depth explanation of your field or job duties, they would still be in the dark…but they would nod and smile as if they completely understood.

In our business, digital printing and graphic design, it’s broadly understood what we do (you’re nodding, correct?), but when you get down to the nitty gritty, most are quite intrigued as to what we consider within B Squared’s scope. So, this post is meant to provide you with real examples of some of our work and is aimed to trigger you into realizing that we, at B Squared, can help with almost any “problem” – far beyond the digital printing and graphic design world. Call us now if you want proof…or read on if you’re unsure…

Designing, wrapping, packing and shipping…Rhinos…Yes, Rhinos.

We have a case study on our website about what’s become affectionately known around the office as “the Rhino Project.” Our client, Discovery Communications, came to us for help to promote their special programming on the dwindling rhino population around the world. The task was to pack more than 1,000 giant, stuffed rhinos into cardboard boxes with custom designed interiors, and then ship them around the world – all within a period of about six days. We welcomed the challenge by renting a nearby loft space to house the rhinos and got them packed up and ready to be shipped. A subset of our team got to designing an intricate package interior that was custom addressed to each recipient, when they opened the top flap of the box. A clever design allowed for educational and informative cards to be slipped in and out of the interior of the cover with easy. This was an “all hands on deck” project. While our other clients wouldn’t have even known it was happening because their needs were all being met, a handful of our great account managers where at the nearby temporary location “getting their packing on.” (We never hire temps because we’ve found them to be unreliable, and we’d never subject our clients to less than 100% satisfaction.) So, with time to spare, the rhinos all found their temporary home in a beautifully designed cardboard box and were on their way to recipients all around the world. For more info, check out our case study here.

Lost or late luggage = Last-Minute Printing

So, nearly each week, a member of our team gets a frantic call from someone traveling to New York City or another nearby city to see if we can help them print business cards, pitch books or presentations or signage because your shipping company didn’t get them to their hotel on-time – or the airline lost their package. B Squared to the rescue!! We love these calls because who doesn’t like to play HERO. Just last week, a professional from the UK called with exactly this request – the trifecta, actually. FedEx shipped all three items to the wrong city! (That’s Rome, New York…Not Rome, Italy you idiot!) But, within hours (yes…HOURS), we delivered a box of 100 business cards, 50 perfect-bound presentations and a half dozen large signage for our British client, who was incredibly relieved. We see this scenario time and again. And, we’ve even helped NYC-based clients who arrive in another city without their materials by referring them to another local printer (or shipping the materials from NYC if we have time). Over the years, our network expands across the globe!

You’re starting to get the gist, right? Here’s one last example.

Yes, Golf is Considered Working…for some

Who doesn’t like a good golf outing. You get the day off from work to go outside and whack a ball around…and hopefully not make a fool of yourself in front of your colleagues and clients. Recently, a financial firm that we’ve been working with for years came to use to see if we could help them design and organize the materials required for the event. Our answer? “Of course! We’d love to help.” So, we took care of everything from the signage on the tee boxes, to the logo golf balls and green tools, to the name badges and signage for the silent auction in the clubhouse after the round. We also helped source the awesome jackets and hats this firm decide to gift to their guests! When it came time for the event, their event management folks where short handed so we even sent a few of our account staff out to the event to help with registration and auction execution.

So, what is it we do? Well, we pretty much do it all. So, if we can help become an extension of your fulfillment or events teams…or another team, just let us know. We’ll do whatever we can to help make your life a little easier. Contact us today (at 212.777.2044 or at for more information. We can’t wait to help!