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Printing Impressions Calls B Squared the Printer that Stays Up All Night in the City That Never Sleeps

June 7, 2016

Last week, B Squared was honored to be profiled by one of the most widely read trade publications in the printing industry, Printing Impressions. This week, we’d like to share with our blog readers a few excerpts from the article – a Cliff’s Notes version, if you will.

The article opens with a depiction of how the lower Westside of Manhattan used to be, with print shops on each block supporting the heavy-hitting corporations all across the city.

It is impossible to have a nostalgic conversation about printers doing business in New York City without someone mentioning Varick Street and the scores of printing companies that once proliferated Manhattan before the cost of real estate in the borough pushed out heavy manufacturing. But while the sun may have set on the old NYC printer guard, this is (after all) The City That Never Sleeps. No town in the world leads the league in change as much as the trendsetting Big Apple. And truth be known, a commercial printer grows not in Brooklyn, but mere blocks north of the fabled Varick Street…

Fast-forward to 2016, where B Squared survived one of the worst financial downturns since The Great Depression and the worst attack on American soil…and is still standing strong as the last 24/7 digital printer in NYC.

Incredibly, this 24-hour, seven-day shop has registered 15 consecutive years of growth — so much so that it is bulging out of its seventh floor location on West 29th Street, in need of larger accommodations. It is a relatively small operation with 27 full-time employees; Boucher refuses to hire temps, believing he cannot vouch for quality in the way he does from his regular crew, many of whom have toiled with him for a dozen years or more…

For Tim Boucher, founder and president, it’s really about his team and about being in Manhattan that differentiates his business from the rest.

“Without such a great team,” he [Boucher] observes, “we wouldn’t be where we are today.” But given the cost of doing business in New York City, the traffic and pedestrian congestion, Boucher wouldn’t change addresses with anyone. “Manhattan is the mecca of the world; all of the biggest financial and graphic design firms are here,” he says. “If my business was located in Long Island City or New Jersey, it would take extra time away from customers working on their jobs. They need quicker turn times, which gives them another hour to work on their presentations. We don’t have to worry about traffic, tunnel or train delays.“You have to feel the hustle and bustle of New York to know what it’s like,” he adds. “We’ll be in Manhattan forever.”

You get the gist. Now read the rest of the article here and tell your friends about us every chance you get! Whether we’re working to strengthen your corporate brand by redesigning your logo or brochure, or supporting your efforts to knock the socks off a room of potential investors with extraordinary presentations, we’re ready to work with you to determine exactly what your needs are, so contact us today (at 212.777.2044 or at