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Holiday themed printing and fulfillment.

BabyCenter – Helping to Make the Holidays Sweeter

BabyCenter® — the #1 parenting and pregnancy digital resource — reaches more than 40 million moms globally each month in 11 different languages. While their reach is global they needed help to distribute their baking-themed holiday gift to their associates. BabyCenter partnered with B Squared to make the holidays sweeter.

Together, we developed a super sweet package that stayed on-brand and delivered the goods. For each package, we printed a neat little holiday card to nestle with custom embroidered kitchen aprons and branded baking tools. After testing a few configurations we settled on the perfect kitting design. Our fulfillment center strategically folded each apron to hold the holiday greeting card and cooking tools. Then, the little bundle was nestled into frosty blue tissue paper and secured with a branded box seal.

We made hundreds of these sweet little gifts and bulk shipped them from New York to destinations all around the world.