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NBC Universal turned to B Squared to deliver the sweet news.

NBC Universal News Group – Delivering Sweet Treats

NBC Universal News Group needed to communicate good news to employees of specified media agencies and clients and they did it in the sweetest way possible – via rice krispie treat and a custom microsite. They had the treats and the website covered, but they needed a partner to help deliver the good news. NBC Universal News Group turned to B Squared.

We knew that branding was top of mind, and treat, for this engagement. Each sweet treat, sourced from a terrific little shop in Brooklyn, featured a sugar imprinted logo from one of NBC Universal News Group’s subsidiaries. We printed postcards that announced the Sweeps and directed people to enter. The treats and card were packed safely into a bed of crinkle and packaged in a white mailer box.

We handled the logistics and got these sweet treats to their final destination while still fresh and delicious. It’s a shame all news isn’t this sweet.

"B Squared was able to pull it all together and deliver the sweets on time. I can't say enough about Tim, Megan, and the team over there."