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Zoetis – President’s Circle Meeting Kit

Zoetis is the leading animal health company, dedicated to supporting customers and businesses focused on raising and caring for livestock and companion animals. Each year, the company holds an annual incentive trip for deserving employees. Zoetis partnered with B Squared to produce printed materials that helped to inform guests.

B Squared designed and produced all printed elements for the meeting. The look and feel for the items was inspired by the Caribbean culture of Nevis Island, where the meetings took place.

Before the trip each meeting attendee was mailed an orange welcome packet folder. Inside of the folder there was an assortment of books and fun little details. We produced two books. One book acted as a handy biography reference and  listed all of the attendees, keynote speakers, and previous award winners. The other book contained a full itinerary of all of the activities during the meeting, as well as necessary information about the location, accommodations, travel, currency exchange, and more.

On site, each attendee received a laminated name badge. We furnished some fun cut out signs for attendees to be photographed with at the White Night event, an elegant dinner menu for their main dinner event, and small award cards for the winners of the prizes at the event.

"The Zoetis Cut-Outs were a huge hit and really made our White Night event so much fun – Knowing that we could rely on B Squared when it came down to a last minute rush job to reprint our menus and have them sent down to Nevis was a huge relief."