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A package that's as good as the contents

Custom Promotional, Gift, & Mailing Box Printing & Design

How can a custom box design help your next promotion or gift mailing? In today’s connected, multimedia world, a paper presented in a manilla envelope just doesn’t set you apart.

But if the whole package is tied together through professional, innovative design, recipients will see you as professional and savvy from the moment they receive it. They just might call you to say how impressed they are.

You’ve worked hard on a great presentation, picked out just the right gift, or thought up a killer promotion. So, put it in a customized box that sets the right tone for what’s inside.


The Help You Need For The Results You Desire

If you’ve never been involved with custom box printing, it can be intimidating. There are so many moving parts to consider and manage. Whether it’s your first time–or the tenth time–you don’t know what details you might have missed.

B Squared has an expert team dedicated to helping you from conception and design, all the way to printing and delivery. Our design team will keep in touch with you from the initial design brainstorm and mock-up designs to the final product, so you’ll be sure you’re getting exactly the look you want.

Do you want a limited run of mailers to go out only to certain customers or prospects? We have experience creating custom mailing boxes that make it through the mail safely and look amazing when they show up.

Our staff has experience in:


Commitment To Quality

Firms in New York City and others across the globe depend on us. That’s because we’re committed to quality, not to charging the highest fees or cutting corners to do more jobs faster. We want our customers to be excited about our results and to keep working with us for years to come.

We work around the clock, so you know we’ll answer your questions or concerns any time.


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We care about our clients getting results–higher revenue, better customer relationships, and prestige. If you’re ready to start your project, call B Squared at (212) 777-2044 to have a no-obligation talk with a friendly, professional team member on creating the best custom boxes for you. We’ll find the right solution that fits your budget and your timeline.


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