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The Signs Always Fit “Just Right” With B Squared’s Cinderella Stands

June 16, 2016

What do you get when cross our expertise as a large-format printer with an important client who asks us to brainstorm a “sleeker” way to display signage at an upcoming black-tie affair? We call it the “Cinderella Stand.”

Our creative team at B Squared has invented a way to support your large-format signage and make them appear as if they’re floating, by using a Cinderella Stand. The two-piece Cinderella Stands are made out of a long-lasting, plexi-glass material that really upgrade the stand base from ones typically used for large-format signage. No longer will your guests be tripping around your tradeshow booth signs or cocktail party sponsor signage. They can also be used for golf outing tee signs, investor meeting agendas and directional signage, or to support winning bid signage at charity auctions.

Now, your events and marketing teams can work with us to customize signage “feet” that can be nearly completely hidden – or etched and branded with your logo – whatever suits the needs of your company or client. Cinderella Stands can be used on any flat surface (floor or table top) inside and out. They’re easy to use and most are small enough to carry in your briefcase or carryon luggage.

Make a lasting impression on your event attendees, save yourself the headache of dealing with signs that don’t stand up to your expectations and stop wasting money on sign solutions that don’t last. Use our Cinderella Signs. They’ll fit your signs “just right.” Contact us today (at 212.777.2044 or at for more information on our Cinderella Stands and we’ll get started right away. Did we mention we can help with the signage too? Check it out here.